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The PACE Institute is currently involved in two research studies. The East Africa research looks at systemic issues in career guidance whilst the Self-Knowledge research is concerned with competency issues.


Below is a brief description of this work. 


Research into career guidance delivery in the East Africa Community countries

PACE has been investigating career guidance delivery mechanisms in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. This investigation is to expand into Tanzania, Burundi and South Sudan in 2019.

The purpose of this research is to assist the EAC countries in building their career guidance delivery capacity. This research is looking at capacity building from three viewpoints:

    1. Policy 

    2. Curriculum

    3. Resources

This work includes the establishment of the East Africa Career Development Association (EACDA) which will be responsible for future coordination of career guidance activities in the region.

At a country level, the institute is conducting research into various support materials (resources) to advance career guidance delivery through the school curriculum. 

The advancement of Self-Knowledge as a core contributor to career decision-making

Technology has had a considerable impact on career guidance. Whilst this impact is inherently positive there are certain pitfalls that have also materialised.

The ability to make information available through technology has had a major impact on career decision-making. Those responsible for providing career guidance too, have been able to access information that previously was difficult to come by. The plethora of information on career and study opportunities is  self-evident and is a cornerstone of any decision-making process. Access thereto will improve the quality of the decision being made.


Not in all cases however! 


Due to the ease of access to information, this component has become dominant in the career decision-making process often at the expense of a second cornerstone i.e. Self-Knowledge.


Self-knowledge is critical when choosing a career and the institute is looking at the degree to which this component is being neglected in the career decision-making process.

A child needs Roots and Wings. ~ anonymous wise woman

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