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There is a need to stimulate research in Africa by Africans. Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for 12% of the global population yet contributes less than 1% of the world research output. More than 65% of this research is through international collaboration. Intra-Africa research collaboration is less than 3% (World Bank, 2014, p. 29).

This page looks to promote Afrocentric  research in the field of career development.

It showcases research conducted by students and professional academics alike. 

This site will publish work from:

  • Undergraduate students who have written an essay or a paper relating to career development

  • Postgraduate students who have completed a mini-thesis, thesis or dissertation relating to career development

  • Professional Academics who publish articles and papers on topics within the field

  • Action Researchers who implement career guidance programmes and wish to present their results

This opportunity is open to students and academics at any university in Africa. Action researchers must be African and their research must have been conducted in Africa.

To submit your research for publication please click on the submit research button below. Your research will be reviewed before being published. Once it is published you will be notified.

Each time an old person dies, a library is burned to the ground.~ African Proverb

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