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PACE Research Institute specialises in career guidance related research. Our focus and interest is Africa.


This year we celebrate 28 years!


The institute initiates occasional but very nuanced research into issues that impact the career progression of citizens on the continent. 

“We do career guidance because it inspires people, gives them hope in the future and belief in themselves. We do career guidance because it allows us, in a very small way to  build our continent one successful person at a time”


pic av.jpg
Avron Herr


South Africa

Avron is the founder of PACE Career Centre and the PACE Research Institute. He is also the founding member of the South African Career Development Association (SACDA) as well as the East African Career Development Association (EACDA). He has a love for Africa and a passion for career development. 

Xola Yoyo


South Africa

Xola is one of the original members of the Institute. He has vast experience in NPO management especially in relation to social development projects. He is responsible for governance. Xola is from the Eastern Cape and has been with PACE for just over 10 years..

Megan Oliver

Data Management

South Africa

Megan has been with PACE for 5 years. She is from a legal background and is responsible for the data sourcing, interrogation and verification of all PACE information which is in the public domain

Dr Eugéne Rutembesa

Research Associate


Eugène is a senior researcher and Associate Professor within the Psychology department at the University of Rwanda. He previously held the position of Dean of Education. Eugéne currently serves as the Vice-chairperson of the Rwanda National Ethic Committee. He has studied and worked in Ireland, Switzerland, France, USA, Germany, Belgium, Romania, Congo and Nigeria. 

Emmanuel Woyome

Research Associate


Emmanuel is an Organisational Development Consultant. His specialises in Career Coaching, Training and Professional Development. He has authored several books on these and related topics. Much of his research interventions are school based having concluded interventions for amongst other organisations, the MasterCard Foundation’s Scholars Program which involved work in 71 schools in Ghana.

Kenneth Masila

Associate Researcher


Kenneth Masila is a research associate based in Nairobi Kenya. He has a diverse  background spanning several industries. His expertise lie in internationalisation of Education and is an advisor on career guidance infrastructure development in Kenya.

Dr B J Mohapi 2.jpg
Dr Joyce Mohapi

Research Associate

South Africa

Joyce is an experienced researcher, a prolific publisher, and lecturer at the University of South Africa. She has vast experience in the career guidance and counselling field and is a regular presenter at international conferences. Joyce was the the former Deputy Chairperson of the South African Council for Social Service Professions. She has had a longstanding association with PACE of over 10 years.

Aine Easter Christian

Research Associate


Easter is from an education background. She is a programme coordinator and is a research associate based in Kampala. Her interest is in youth placement and development.

Laz cropped2.png
Lazaras Sithagu

Research Implementation

South Africa

Lazarus has been with PACE for 21 years. He is the longest standing  member of the organisation. He is responsible for field research and programme implementation. He is a passionate career development expert and is widely regarded as a 'National Asset' because of his work in this field.

dennis-stead 1.jpg
Dennis Stead

Project Management

South Africa

Dennis is Head of Projects. He has extensive experience in management of medium and large scale projects. He has been with PACE for 18 years and is one of the original members of the Institute. In addition to project management Dennis is responsible for research and publishing.

Do not look where you fell, but where you slipped. ~ African proverb

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