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  • PACE Career Centre is Africa’s longest established career guidance company.

  • The PACE Research Institute (238-693 NPO) is the research arm of PACE Career Centre.

  • We are a social benefit organisation.

  • Our work is informed through research.

  • Our work outside of South Africa is self-funded.

  • Our work has benefited more than 17 000 000 people in Africa.

  • We founded the South African Career Development Association (SACDA) which serves as the professional body for career development in South Africa.

  • We founded the East African Career Development Association (EACDA) which promotes and supports career guidance delivery in the region.

  • We wrote the Competency Framework for Career Development Practitioners in South Africa (Government Gazette, 40115).

  • We have trained and developed countless career guidance practitioners on the African continent.

  • We wrote the draft curriculum framework for career guidance delivery in schools in South Africa.

  • We are well known for our innovation in the advancement and delivery of career guidance.

  • We developed the first fully customisable online career guidance delivery system.

  • We designed and built the National Career Advice Portal (NCAP) for South Africa.

  • We built the transnational career guidance system that is used by the 32 small states of the Commonwealth.

  • We designed and deployed career guidance systems for 14 countries in Africa.

  • We have designed an AI model to predict academic success.

  • We have written and published career guidance resources and curriculum for schools.

  • We introduced academic placement testing into TVET colleges.

  • We introduced “Career Dress-Up Day” which runs in thousands of primary schools.

  • We have non-exclusive branches in Ghana, Kenya, and Rwanda.

  • Our focus is Africa.

Better little, than too little ~ Cameroonian Proverb

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