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Career Guidance gives people a goal, a purpose, and a sense of self-determination.

It gives them belief in themselves and hope for the future.

The PACE Research Institute is the research arm of PACE Career Centre (est. 1991). We are a public benefit not-for-profit organisation in the career guidance space. Over the past 31 years our work has benefited millions of people in Africa. 

Our research efforts impact the reach and quality of career guidance delivery. The results of our work has informed national policy, influenced curriculum design, established career guidance delivery frameworks, and advised citizens.
Our interest is Africa.
We are based in South Africa and have non-exclusive branches in Ghana, Kenya, and Rwanda. Our research solutions are Afrocentric as we work towards Africa's contribution to the global economy.


We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children ~ Wendel Berry

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